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Neuralink is a team of exceptionally talented people. We are creating the future of brain interfaces: building devices now that will help people with paralysis and inventing new technologies that will expand our abilities, our community, and our world.


At Neuralink we value talented and mission-driven individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact through the development of high-bandwidth brain-machine interfaces. We celebrate the differences that employees from all backgrounds bring and recognize the strength that different perspectives add to our creative problem solving. Insisting on equitable practices isn’t only right, it also helps us go further by enabling each employee to realize their full potential.

We take a holistic approach to diversity, focusing on all aspects of Neuralink from the moment a potential applicant hears our name to the everyday experience of each of our employees. Our diversity efforts include:

  • Increasing the diversity of our talent pool through outreach and participation in community events.
  • Ensuring a welcoming and equitable applicant experience through transparent peer review and feedback on every aspect of our recruitment process.
  • Celebrating diversity through internal company social events and talks with individuals from underrepresented communities.
  • Using a data-driven approach to identify where our diversity efforts can be most impactful.

Diversity at Neuralink is an employee-driven effort that engages the company as a whole. Our diversity initiatives stretch beyond solving problems as we strive to create a welcoming and truly unique work environment.

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Developing neural interfaces is an interdisciplinary challenge. We are looking to hire a wide range of people with diverse engineering, scientific, and operations expertise.

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We are a fast-paced company, continually improving on our technology. We look forward to sharing more of our progress in the future.